Posted: Wed., Jun. 25, 2003, 10:30pm PT
'Sometimes' a great notion
Indie pic makes arthouse splash
Hapas (the Hawaiian term for biracial Asians) and other onlookers partied and schmoozed the night away at Hailie's in Pasadena after the Laemmle Playhouse premiere of "Charlotte Sometimes" on Friday.

"To me, movies are unforgettable because they somehow approximate the complexity of life," helmer Eric Byler said. "My bridge to writing films is to find a way to make them as complex and nuanced as life is."

Revelers included the pic's Eugenia Yuan, Michael Idemoto, Jacqueline Kim and Matt Westmore, along with thesps from another current Asian indie hit, "Better Luck Tomorrow."


Helmer Eric Byler and friend Anita Chun celebrate the Pasadena bow of 'Charlotte Sometimes'

'Charlotte Sometimes' stars Eugenia Yuan and Michael Idemoto cozy up together at Hailie's in Pasadena at the film's after-party.

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