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How would you describe "Justin"? Is he the bad guy or just a guy?
I don't know that JUSTIN is a bad guy. It's easy to say that because it
appears that he doesn't have the time to nurture his relationship with Lori like Michael does, but he is a driven, hard working young professional who is sacrificing his relationship to establish a career and make a living like most people who work 9 to 5 or more. Iwould say "just a guy."

Did you enjoy shooting "Charlotte Sometimes"? Are there any fond memories or fun stories you can share?
Of course,...doing this movie was such a unique experience in every way. It was so different than anything I had worked on before. With this project, we all lived with the indie-spirit in mind. This project became a labor of love for everyone involved. We all had faith in Eric's vision and wanted to do whatever it took so he could tell the story. For me the fond memories lye in all the people I've met as result of working on this project and all the people across the US we've met while promoting it. That's one of the things that Ilove about my job is all the interesting people Imeet that I would never have the opportunity otherwise.

How much of yourself do you normally put into your performances? Did you put more or less of yourself into "Justin"?
I think there is always a part of me in a performance. I think an actor


has to find a way to bring their own experience to the role. If i'm nothing like a character, which doesn't happen often, I'll go do something I think the character would do and with that, I now have a real life experience on which to draw from. I have to find a way to live in the character, literally.

With JUSTIN I was able to draw on a lot of my own experience and
relationships. their have been times in my life where I've acted just like
JUSTIN and subsequently hurt those around me, but ultimately it was best for me at the time and ended up shaping my life. it's parallels like these that allow me as an actor to bring reality to a role.

What happens to "Justin" after the movie is over?
After leaving LORI, JUSTIN has come to realization that his relationship with her isn't what he really wants or needs at this time. Sometimes it's tough to leave a comfortable situation especially if all your thoughts are wrapped up in not wanting to hurt the other person. This makes for a miserable existence since neither person is getting what they deserve from the relationship. For JUSTIN it took DARCY to shake up the situation for him to admit to himself that he wasn't ready for marriage or a serious commitment to LORI. It isn't that he wants to start a whole new relationship with DARCY, but that he needs to be free of his present situation.

Do you identify more with your British or Indonesian side?
You know my mother did a great job of making me aware of both sides of my heritage. I never felt like one overshadowed another and was never treated as such. I never encountered any prejudice that i was aware of,.... except the fact that Ii could get a great tan in the summer time. sometimes we get lucky!!

As a former Arizona State football player, can you compare the demands of acting and athletics?
It's funny I approach my life like i'm training for competition. Only now
it's to prepare me for the role. I trained religiously year round when I was
in college and I have brought that work ethic with me. I have always been the underdog, so I felt that I had to work twice as hard as the next guy just to have a chance at competing. Although, just like in athletics overtraining does happen, which I realized I probably did more often than i thought. Sometimes pushing your nose to the grindstone all the time isn't a healthy way to approach work either. I've found ways to take a few steps back and work smarter not harder.

What would you be doing if you were not an actor?
If I wasn't acting, I'd be producing. Their are so many great stories out
there that need to be heard. Finding that raw gem and shaping it to the
precious stone that it really is excites me. If I wasn't involved in the
entertainment industry at all, I'd be back in the medical field working with athletes and helping them achieve their potential.

What are your upcoming projects?
Right now I'm working with oscar winning writer, Marshall Brickman and
developing a bio-pic that I will produce about a ground breaking Hollywood family that has shaped hollywood history for almost 100 years. I also have an action movie with ron perlman coming out in december called shakedown. I play an FBI agent trying to track a maniacal cult leader.

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