L O N G  S Y N O P S I S

Every beautiful woman has a friend like Michael-- a trusted and dependable soul, content to know he's "like a brother" to a woman he secretly longs to bed.

The woman in this case Michael's neighbor and tenant-- a girlishly sexy princess by the name of Lori. Lori feels coveted and yet chaste in the glow of Michael's calm, silent gaze -- an addictive combination she can scarcely live without. Physically, however, she prefers the touch of another man.

Justin is a handsome, half-Asian stock broker whose passion for life is trampled by the dizzying demands of his fast-track career. After work, Justin crashes at Lori's apartment hoping to steal a few extra moments of peace. But Lori's enticing bids to claim those moments for herself spur in Justin a flood of sexual intensity often bordering on cruelty. Afterwards, Justin pretends to sleep, sending lovesick Lori upstairs to Michael for late night movies cuddled up on his couch.

Into the fray wanders Darcy-- a novelist and world traveler who singles Michael out at the local nightspot. Michael senses the danger in Darcy's eyes, but he invites her into his life, and soon into the lives of Lori and Justin. Slowly, the seduction begins. By the time Darcy sets off into the world again, her insinuating power has sparked a chain reaction of passion and betrayal, where all the truths and all the lies, so carefully kept hidden, are ultimately revealed.

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