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K I M B E R L Y  -  R O S E

How did you end up winning the most sought-after role in "Charlotte Sometimes"? (Casting received over 200 submissions for "Annie", more than twice the number of any other role, as it was the only role that didn't specify "Asian" in the character breakdown.)
Honestly I didn't know it was the "most sought-after role" until after the movie was shot. And in the end I didn't "win" the role, Eric won it for me. As the story goes Eric and I knew each other from many hawaiian moons before when he was directing another project; skip forward nearly 5 years and a Pacific Ocean and Eric sees my picture at a local head shot place, (what it was doing there I still have no idea). He got the idea for me to play the role of Annie, which I suppose 200 some girls had already read for. He called my mom back in Hawai`i and she told him (as luck would have it) I was living in LA. I meet Eric and the cast a few nights later and voila! Really it was Eric who did all the work, I was just lucky.

Actually, there were 200 submissions, but only 30 or so actresses read for the role.)

Where did you grow up?
Manoa Valley on the island of O`ahu


Does your mixed heritage ever come up in your acting career?  Do you identify as French, Hawaiian, Korean, Chinese or all of the above?  And tell us if we missed any!
Does my mixedness ever come up? Yes, primarily in a very subtle way and to my detriment. When a breakdown calls for Asian I'm not asian enough and when it calls for Caucasian not always but occasionally I'm told for some reason I look too something, not really Caucasian enough. And forget trying to cast me as part of a homogeneous family.

You forgot German and Hungarian, the two I least identify with. However, growing up in Hawai`i all my best friends were hapa so to be mixed was normal and to be pure was weird. Even more weird was not knowing what you were and just saying white or american, that's really weird. 

Do you prefer acting or writing or both?
I like them both but it's like comparing a team sport to a solo sport. Does that make sense? 

What is your favorite scene in the film?
I enjoy watching the Lela Thai scene.

Tell us the story behind the famous "arms" shot?
I'm was born with double jointed elbows and then fell out of a tree onto my left elbow so it's really jacked. And you got to see the product of my freakiness. Actually, Michael and I were just hanging out and talking, we had no idea Eric was filming that.

What happens to "Annie" in the future?  Does she ever hook up with "Michael"?
Probably not, since Annie quits the club and pours all of her rejection while waiting tables into a self help book called "Life Outside the Club - When Serving Drinks is Not Enough"

If you weren't an actor what would you do?
Is this a trick question?