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Did you enjoy shooting charlotte sometimes? Are their any stories you can share?
Hmmm. Well, the hours were quite irregular and long. And it was truly important as a task to keep the crew elevated and psyched, considering everyone was investing in this work for their next gig in a way, since no dollar bills were flying our way. well, there were one dollar bills... but working with a small crew and a more flexible camera situation (not having to wait hours between set-ups) and continuing the process with Eric from rehearsal through to the set, this was good and I think produced good work.

Do I have any funny stories...well, felt pretty nervous about the motel scene. as people were setting up between the two rooms, i was trying not to throw up in the bathroom of either one. i went out and bought some adhesive strapless things for my breasts. i was determined not to have something slip into a shot, especially since the entire crew was guys, young guys. so, i think the acting coup goes to Matt. he was having to act like my two pruny-textured band-aid mounds for a chest was erotic, exciting. good actor that Matt Westmore. and a totally great partner to work with. i guess it goes without saying, but sex scenes are reeeeeeally hard. everything that you enjoy in it, all of the "first times" that are savored and your own are kind of stolen and dissected. so you have to convince yourself that its okay, when everything in you is screaming, "this is so strange!"


How much of yourself did you put Darcy?
Eric probably has a better answer to that question. I think that there are some things he saw in me when we first met a few years ago that inspired him to put into the outline of Darcy. It's funny, we always refer to Darcy as the character when even she is a fictitious persona in the story...

I think Darcy's human qualities are very identifiable to me. I think human beings lie a lot, even when they intend on telling the truth. Memory is a very tricky thing to contend with. People are usually trailing behind them a lot of things, related and unrelated, that they regret, loved, continue to run from, perplexed them. And in love we all want to give a kind of new appearance. "Hey, this may be the one--" the naive one in us says,"--so don't say too much." What is even trippier is that a lot of the things we remember are distorted by memory, maybe even were distorted the moment they happened by our ever deceiving perceptions. Are we really as unloveable as we think? Or as loveable?

Darcy seems to be aware of deception. And though she participates in it, she seems more invested in uncovering it, finding out why it is there. She plays all around a thing, never thinking that she may indeed be inside it. She suffers from intuitiveness and low self-esteem, she can see things for others, but she can't see herself. I can relate to that.

How much do you normally put into characters?
I try to delineate where I end and they begin. In film, this is not an easy task to do. Roles are often written on the line, without a lot of subtext or subtlety. So, to fill a portrait, I sneak in finer aspects that are usually close to who I am. And then there is the fact that you often get hired to do the thing you did well the last time. Maybe this is why actors get caught in playing themselves a lot. I don't really blame that on the actor so much as I look to who is asking what of them. Hollywood likes people to re-create what they did before so that they can insure the same success, the same box office; it is all about insurance. So, if you are pre-approved to do the thing you have always done, then you do it again and again. What might get macabre is if you think you are doing something different but you have done yourself so much, it has become impossible, you can't.

Eric's film has a lot of subtext, so there were things to play that felt specific and different from me. I think actors are hungry for that. Chances to play material that is very specific, that is actually laid into the actions, the environment, the lines of their character. With these things present, I think the ability to transform is much greater.

What's are you plans for the future?
I am finishing what I hope to be the writers' draft of my first feature. It has been almost a two year process, including acting work on two films, and I hope to stay with it until it is realized. Filmmakers have got to be the most obsessed people to make it through such a long process.

I have a film coming out that I worked on last year in France and New York. It is a documentary within a documentary. I play a documentarian who wants to make a film about Paul Cezanne, pursuing all the groundwork and interviews to this end, but who ends up doing something very different than she had envisioned. It's called In Search Of Cezanne.

What are you hobbies?
Yoga. Hikes. Watching other people's work. Doing nothing whenever possible.

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