F U N N Y    F A C T S    1

The Charlotte Cars
The blue Chevy Nova that served as Michael's picture car belongs to Jacqueline Kim. The black BMW that served as Justin's picture car belongs to Michael Idemoto. Michael's black Beemer also appears in his pal Justin Lin's film, "Better Luck Tomorrow."

3 for 3
At the end of the second act, Michael Idemoto as "Michael" tosses a garbage bag from twenty-five feet into the open trash can. Not ony did he make the shot the first time, he did so on the second and the third takes as well. All three tosses can be seen on the DVD.

Body Double
Make-up Artist/Costume Designer Marianne Kai was the only Asian woman on the crew. This meant that Marianne got serve as body double. When "Justin" gooses "Lori" with his electric toothbrush, that's Marianne not Eugenia Yuan in the bed. Marianne also doubles for Shizuko Hoshi as "Aunt Margie" in an establishing shot of the auto repair shop.

The Tiniest Director's Cameo Ever
When Darcy leaves Michael's apartment for the last time, that's director Eric Byler as "Justin" in the extreme background.


The Tennis Scene That Almost Wasn't
Going into production, director Byler felt the tennis scene was too extensive, and did not include it in the original 8 day shooting schedule. A billiards scene at "the club" was planned instead. A scene was filmed at the local night club depicting Kimberly-Rose as "Annie" letting the gang in during off-hours to shoot pool. It would have been the only scene in which the five characters appeared in a single frame, but the billiards scene was not to be (it can be seen on the DVD bonus features) because Byler went back to tennis. "We were over budget anyway," Byler said. "So why not shoot the scene I'd written?" Eugenia Yuan has now watched the tennis scene 300 times with undiminished glee.

The One and Only Dolly Shot
DP Robert Humphries sat in the open trunk of director Eric Byler's Toyota to create the "camera-lead" shots that lead up to Darcy's famous line, "Men don't really want to be with me; they only think they do." Byler had to drive the car himself (and listen to the performances on headphones) because he was the only one who knew his car well enough to keep the brakes from squeaking.

Improvised Lines

(1) Aunty Margie's "Sunshine" story.

(2) "Well fix it!" Lori's response to Michael saying "There's no engine."

(3) Darcy's "I got it, just get my glass, just get my glass."

(4) Darcy, Justin and Lori's lunchtime exchange beginning with: "Are you guys hungry?" and ending with "I eat all the time."

(5) Darcy's joke, for which she forgets the punchline.

(6) The polaroid photograph, taken by make-up artist Marianne Kai.

(7) Darcy's quip, "Michael, be quiet."

(8) Darcy and Justin's exchange regarding The Scarlet Letter at the top of the BBQ scene.

(9) Michael and Justin's conversation about Darcy as the women climb onto the roof.

(10) Lori and Justin's banter about falling off the roof.

(11) Darcy and Michael's exchange, "Who's John?" "That's my brother."

(12) Darcy's "Here's to new beginnings."

(13) Darcy and Justin's exchange in the hotel room leading up to sex, including Justin's "Stand up" and Darcy's "Take off your watch."