Michael Idemoto

Aunt Margie


Shizuko Hoshi



Eugenia Yuan



Matt Westmore

Cody ChesnuTT





Kimberly Rose

Club Owner


Michael Krawic

Club Bouncer


Robert Muthamia



Jacqueline Kim

Conga Player


Alonzo D'Juan Catia

Darcy's Suitor


Andrew J. Turner


Director of Photography


Rob Humphreys

Edited by


Eric Byler



Kenn Kashima

Casting by


Stacey V. Herman

Production Designer


Robert Shinso



Chris Miller



Brooke Dammkoehler



Lara Lyon

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Featuring Songs by


Cody ChesnuTT

Music by


Michael Brook

Executive Producers


John Bard Manulis


Michael Kastenbaum



Marc Ambrose


Eric Byler

Story by


Eric Byler


Jeff Liu



Eric Byler

1st Assistant Director


Marc Ambrose

1st Assistant Camera


Robert Muthamia

2nd Unit Director


Robert Shinso

Additional Photography by


Robert Muthamia



Cain Angelle



Eric Byler

Make-up Artist / Wardrobe


Marianne Kai

Art Department Consultant


Pat Emery



Cain Angelle



Daniel S. Hernandez



David Lavato

Sound Mixer


Gary Day

Boom Operators


Troy Winterstone



Justin Manriquez



Eric Henderson



Ryan Sparling

Key Grip


Timothy Baron



Joshua D. Nudge



Robert Yeun



Joshua St. Thomas

Production Assistants


Jason A. Hughes



Gavin Graves



Alex David



Sharon Milton

Production Accounting


Terah Rahming



Melissa Ray

Assistant Casting Directors


Jennifer Hoyt



Charles Carpenter

Post Production Supervisor


Tony Murphy

Supervising Sound Editor


Bradley North

Sound Design



Dialogue Editor


Byron Wilson

All ADR and Foley Recordings


Bjorn Schaller

Provided by



Re-recording Mixer


Bradley North

Foley Editor


Troy Winterstone

Foley Artists


Eric Hoeschen



Angela Catanzaro

Editing Consultant


Tom Moore

Assistant Editors


Jennifer Fairchild



E. Robert Granger



Steve Delman

Main Title Design


Robert Shinso



Anthony Hurst

HD Online Editor


Del Lyle

AVID Online Editor


Glenn Rose

Mr. Idemoto's Hair Stylist


Rodney Tao

Technical Consultants


John Clemens



Mike Rostker

Language Consultants


Monica Byler



Susan Tuan




Visionbox Media Group

Managing Producer


Lulu Zezza

Sales and Marketing


Andrea Mia



Saltzman Communications



Michael Saltzman



Sharon Eisenberg

Creative Services


Digital Soup






Pittman Law Group



Mark Pittman



Lara Coons

Assistants to Mr. Manulis


Olivia Bohnhoff



Beth Sekul

Office Coordinator


Selene Vigil

Clip from "Lucinda's Spell"
Courtesy of Golden Shadow Pictures,
Jon Jacobs and Shannah Bettz

Clip from "Spiral"
Courtesy of Mondo Media, Inc.

Score recorded and mixed at Lavanderia Studios
Published by Real World Music (PRS)
Music Editor Richard Henderson

"My Women, My Guitars"
written and performed by Cody ChesnuTT
By arrangement with Ready Set Go!

"Upstarts In A Blowout"
written and performed by Cody ChesnuTT
By arrangement with Ready Set Go!

"Boylife In America"
written and performed by Cody ChesnuTT
By arrangement with Ready Set Go!

"5 On A Joy Ride"
written and performed by Cody ChesnuTT
By arrangement with Ready Set Go!

"Deep in the Heart"
performed by 7 Year Bitch
Lyrics by Selene Vigil, Music by Elizabeth Davis
Courtesy of Atlantic Records
and Elizabeth Davis, Selene Vigil and Valerie Agnew
By arrangement with Warner Special Projects

"Monkey House"
written and performed by Dave Hillis

"Mandarin" (Barbeque Mix)
written and performed by Bjorn Schaller
Guitar performed by Freddie Koella
Courtesy of Larry the Lazy Lizard Music (BMI)

"Mandarin" (Credit Mix)
written and performed by Bjorn Schaller
Guitar performed by Freddie Koella
Courtesy of Larry the Lazy Lizard Music (BMI)

"Charlotte Sometimes"
written by Robert Smith, Lawrence Tolhurst, Simon Gallup
BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)
on behalf of
Fiction Songs Ltd./BMG Music Publishing Ltd.
performed by Jacqueline Kim and Michael Brook

This film would not have been possible without:

Charles and Donna Byler
Allison Sie
David Tom
Dennis Tom
Peggy Tom

Special Thanks:

Anastasia Alexov


Freddy Tran Nager

Gennadi Balitski


Jason Olive

Virginia Todd Burton


Norman Ollestad

Eddie Castillo


Lisa Onodera

Cheng Pei Pei


Catherine Park

Elaine Chin


Howard Paar

Jeanne Chinn


Jim Ridgely

Verna Chun


Susan Pereira

Charlie Chun


Shane Sato

Philip W. Chung


Alexandra Shum

Djhari Clark


Cindy Sison

Chris Gorham


Greg Spence

East West Players


Eric Steinberg

Alex Fernandez


Jimmy Taenaka

Laurence Fried


Larry Tazuma

David Guc



Tchavdar Gueorguiev


Ada Tuan

Stephanie Johnson


Donray Von

Alexis Kisteneff


Ken Wada

Ted Kim


Hoagie Wong

Teddy Kim


Leo Wong

Jason Lee


Daniel Wu

Lodestone Theatre Ensemble


David Yang

Patty Long


Ryan Yu

Sherry Maitland


Gilbert Yablon

Jonathan Marlow


Tin Yen

Kelly Miyashiro


Robert Yuen

Nell Mulderry


Alessandro Zezza

Carol Nachtwey


Ming Zezza




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John and Pat McDowell


Vic Parrino

Ladda Tunyapolparakorn


Becky Morales

Fox Chiewchowong


Lloyd Sheppard

Karen McLeod


Ty Lam

Douglas McLeod


Leland and Debbie Scott

Marlene McLeod


Watie Sands

Tom & Aaron






The Producers Wish to Thank:

The Screen Actors Guild
Brad Powell and Kevin Fletcher, Complete Post
Sound Equipment Provided by Hollywood Production Audio
Birns & Sawyer
Lynn Mattingly, ElectraLynn Lighting and Grip, Ltd.
Entertainment Partners
Frank Ishizaki, Imagecraft Productions
Kevin Hearst and Larry Keating, The Digital Difference
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Mike Gooding, Production Group Rentals
Warren Dewey, WDSD

Filmed in Los Angeles, Glendale and Buttonwillow, California

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